Miss Universe Australia 2010 “My Body Isn’t Going To Look The Same Every Year"

Former Miss Universe Australia 2010 Jenista Franklin talked to News.com.au about the stigmas of body image.

With less than a month to go before she struts down the catwalk in a bikini for the annual Spring/Summer show, the 25-year-old has slammed critics who compare her body to previous years.

In 2016, a media report suggested Franklin’s figure wasn’t as toned when compared to her debut show the year prior.

“There’s so many variables when it comes to walking down a runway,” Franklin told news.com.au.

“There’s angles and there’s lighting. Last year I felt really fit and really confident in who I was. “It’s taken a long time for me to get to that point, but I really couldn’t care less if some journalist who is sitting at their desk thinks that my body doesn’t look the way it should look.

“My body isn’t going to look the same every year.”

Franklin, who married Sydney Swans AFL player Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin last November, said it had taken “a long time” for her not to get bogged down in negative headlines.

“I’ve got to that point where I think ‘Well, I’ve worked hard and my body does amazing things’,” she said while at the David Jones model castings at Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Thursday.

“If you let it bother you it can, but I can’t let that happen otherwise mentally it would be really damaging for me and I would have really low self esteem.

“I have to rise above it and try not to read any of it.”

In 2015 and 2016, jaws dropped when the former Miss Universe contestant strutted down the catwalk in several skimpy swimsuits.

Franklin’s abs stole the show — a nod to hours of hard work in the boxing ring with trainers Dan Adair and Lauryn Eagle.

But this year, she’s had to up the ante before taking to the DJ’s stage on August 9th.

“I’m so used to running and boxing and really hard sessions you do plateau,” she explained.

“Last year I did 30 days of pilates in the lead up to it [runway] and this year I thought I’d try Muay Thai kickboxing.”

Franklin, who said she trains for one hour five to six times a week, said the training isn’t just good for her body — but also for self defence.

“I think it’s great for a woman to know how to defend herself,” she said.

“There’s the fitness aspect, but I can also defend myself in situations which is really great for a woman to feel empowered like that. I love it.”

Franklin, who is also an ambassador for Olay skincare and Cadbury’s Dark Milk chocolate range, said she will be heading over to New York later this year for another work opportunity.

With Buddy heading in to the pointy end of the AFL season, Jesinta said she still hasn’t fallen in love with her husband’s sporting profession.

“I’m a Buddy fan not an AFL fan,” Franklin said.

“I wasn’t interested in it at all before we met, and I’m not greatly interested in it now.”

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