Rachel Platten Will Bring Her Female Empowerment Anthem To Miss Universe

Have you heard? Rachel Platten is performing at the 2017 Miss Universe Competition! So, why is Rachel the perfect performer for the Miss Universe stage? She’s all about female empowerment.

You may recognize Rachel from her inspirational track "Fight Song," but her latest single, "Broken Glass," is all about women coming together, building each other up and breaking through glass ceilings.

In an essay for Refinery29, Rachel described the song as, "…a celebration of the power of women — of our unity, strength, and fierceness, and of just how freaking awesome we are. We are badass on our own, but we’re unstoppable when we come together."

That's something Miss Universe contestants know and celebrate! They're strong, fierce and confidently beautiful on their own, but even more powerful at affecting change when they come together.

In her song "Broken Glass," Rachel sings, "I'm gonna dance on broken glass...And I'm gonna make that ceiling crash."

She explained the lyrics like this: "Many of us, especially women, are taught that there’s a limit to how high we can go, and that this ceiling is unbreakable. We climb and get close but then have setbacks, and lose hope. I thought of my own struggles as I wrote 'Broken Glass,' and my stubborn determination to make it in the music industry. I was repeatedly told that I would never succeed and should just give up, that I was past my prime. But I was relentless in my pursuit of this passion, despite the reality of my challenges."

Many of this year’s Miss Universe contestants had to overcome major challenges to make it to the Miss Universe stage. What woman hasn't in pursuit of her goals and dreams?

During an interview on Good Morning America, Rachel said of the inspiration behind the song, "I felt like women need an anthem. I felt like girls need an anthem."

Watch Rachel's uplifting "Broken Glass" music video below and see her perform the empowering anthem LIVE on this Miss Universe Competition on Sunday, Nov. 26 on FOX!

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