Miss Universe Launches #Unbreakable Campaign

Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters has officially launched her platform #Unbreakable on Facebook and Instagram.

"Hi everyone, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters here. I started Unbreakable in 2017 after a traumatizing car jack experience I went through. I escaped unharmed and in the safest way possible thanks to the knowledge I previously gained about how to handle life-threatening situations. Unbreakable is a cause that speaks to woman all over the world. Becoming Miss Universe made me realize that women worldwide face the same challenges daily, such as various forms of violence and crime, physical and emotional abuse, and toxic relationships, among others. My hope is that Unbreakable will inspire women to believe in themselves, to value themselves and to know that asking for help does not mean you are weak. Most importantly, I hope that Unbreakable will not only teach women life-saving skills and knowledge on how to handle unwanted situations but also helps them realize that if we as women take hands and stand together, we are Unbreakable."

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