Miss Universe Brings Unbreakable To The Shade Tree Women’s And Children’s Shelter

On July 5th, as part of International Fight Week, reigning Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters brought her Unbreakable presentation to The Shade Tree in North Las Vegas. The Shade Tree is a 24 hour shelter for at risk women and children. Miss Universe told her story about how she avoided a kidnapping back in her native South Africa by using a self-defense technique. Unbreakable is a presentation about how to escape and avoid dangerous situations.

Since her reign as Miss Universe last November, Ms. Nel-Peters has been holding self-defense presentations. Her appearance at The Shade Tree to a group of women and children was done in conjunction with the UFC. UFC fighters Jessica-Rose Clark and Gina Mazany also gave presentations and shared their stories about how to deal with unwanted circumstances.

Beyond spreading awareness about self-defense and avoiding dangerous situations, the reigning Miss Universe partnered with the non-profit organization The Shade Tree in hopes of helping it to raise money. It was her first trip back to Las Vegas since she was crowned Miss Universe 2017 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. We had a chance to speak with her at the event. You can see our photo above. Below you can read some of the highlights and listen to the entire CYInterview:

On her reign as Miss Universe so far and the event she did in North Las Vegas at The Shade Tree, she told us this:

“After winning Miss Universe, I’m so grateful to have been given a global platform and a voice to make a meaningful difference in the lives of other people and hopefully to inspire women and children by sharing my own stories. So today, specifically I’m here with Shade Tree and I was able to present an Unbreakable workshop where I partnered with the UFC and it’s just been a wonderful morning of sharing stories, sharing emotions and sharing some tips of how to get away from unwanted situations and also how to prevent them from happening.”

She told us that there are plans to continue her self-defense awareness cause after her reign as Miss Universe comes to an end:

“I started Unbreakable as Miss South African [sic], it’s been carried over into my reign as Miss Universe being given a bigger platform and I definitely won’t stop here. Unbreakable has become a big passion of mine. It is my baby that I will nourish and look after for as long as I can. And my hopes are to start my own foundation in the near future where I will continue to work with Unbreakable and continue to support places like The Shade Tree and organizations similar to them.”

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