Miss Universe, Leila Lopes, Launches Diasporic Record Label, The Uprise

If there’s one woman who smashes the stereotype of a beauty queen, it’s Leila Lopes. When the former Miss Universe isn’t competing in beauty pageants, she’s rallying for awareness of HIV/AIDS, or brushing up on the degree in Business Management she gained from the University of Suffolk.

Now, the polymath is using her spectrum of talents and business acumen to launch a brand new record label, The Uprise. The Angolan native is aiming to unite nations through the universal language of music. Ushering elements of Brazilian (Baile) Funk and Kuduro, and American Hip Hop into the UK’s world of grime, the London-based record label already boasts a roster of diverse artists equipped to challenge the paradigm of mainstream music.

Leila Lopes says: “The idea behind the music is to make uplifting, unique, meaningful music in this era where so much sounds the same. It’s also to try and connect people from all different cultures and backgrounds because we understand music is universal.”

The label’s first signings include all-around performer Grace Rhodes who merges pop sensibilities with diasporic production and underground star Andi McErnest. Producers extraordinaire MikesProand Zeeko complete a roster of burgeoning talent drawing on influences from across the globe. These first waves of signings underscore the record label’s ambition to be a launch pad for emerging artists. The Uprise by name, The Uprise by nature.

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